For adults, going on holidays it is all about a well-earned rest after a year of hard work and anxiety. But children also need to rest and recharge their batteries. Combining relaxation for parents and fun for children often may seem somehow contradicting, but this is not the case for your next family holidays in Halkidiki, when you choose them at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel.

Our experienced animation team prepares on a daily basis a thorough schedule of activities for you and your children during your time at our resort – a world of pure fun and entertainment for children, means parents can relax in total peace of mind and enjoy hassle free holidays. Your children will be looked after by our professional staff from early in the morning, until late in the evening.

Our Pomeland Kids Club offers day programs for children from 4 to 12 years old.

The daily animation program is divided into themed days:

Health & Safety protocols
Disinfection of toys, surfaces, and equipment every day; twice a day sanitization of all facilities; hand sanitizer available for kids.


Pomegranate is both a parent-friendly and child-friendly resort.

The following items are available upon request:

Free meals from the special baby food menu for all children under 3 years old.

As health & safety is our prime concern at Pomegranate, it’s reassuring to know that the resort is a safe, secure environment, where a doctor is always available on call.

Our kid’s club offers daycare programs for children 4-12 years and for parents that would like to extend their personal “quality” vacation time.

Children delight

Relaxing spa massages for children

Loyalty Club

By joining our “Loyalty Club”, you collect rewards and enjoy exclusive offers, not available to any other guests. The more you stay with us, the more benefits you receive. Sign up today!


Complement your Wellness & Spa experience by enjoying all our amazing SpaPark facilities, offered on complimentary basis to our guests.

Seawater swimming pool

Byzantine hamam

Ice fountain

Himalayan salt bath

Finnish sauna

Kneipp concept

Pebbles path

Russian sauna

Egyptian bath rasul


Pool with cold water

Tropical shower

Aromatherapy shower

Fitness center

Relaxation pool with seawater
Relax your body in our relaxing swimming pool with sea water, enjoying at the same time a delightful hydrotherapy on your neck from our waterfall.
Byzantine hamam
• Exfoliation with natural products and essential oils of your choice.
• Traditional exfoliation with a special glove and in the end massage with soap.
Ice fountain
Energise and tone your body with fresh snow!
Himalayan salt cave
Valuable minerals and salts provide relaxation and fill your body with positive energy.
Finnish sauna
Improve your cardiovascular function in a relaxing environment
Kneipp Concept
Alternating hot and cold footbath that will improve circulation, will relax and beautify your feet.
Pebbles path
Tone your body with a one-of-a-kind walk. Water temperature changes pleasantly and pebbles offer a beneficial foot massage.
Russian sauna
Relax and detoxify your body with intense sweating.
Rasul Bath
Mud treatment in royal surroundings!
• hot mixture of mud and algae, which soothes pain from muscle fatigue.
• gentle skin smoothing mud enriched with microalgae, clay and pure essential oils.
• enjoyable exfoliation in the entire body and face.
Joyful bubbles offer you ideal relaxation and wellness.
Pool with cold water
Interactive showers
Feel the absolute wellbeing that colours, essential oils and exquisite rain and fog can oer and be amazed!
• tropical rain with warm essential oils.
• cool mist with peppermint essential oil.
Aromatic steam bath
Relax the body and mind with the contribution of Eucalyptus essential oil.
Fitness Center
In addition to personal training, we provide space and expert training for a number of body disciplines, such as Yoga and Pilates.

Full Board Available