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Hair salon treatment services

New for this season is the introduction of Hair Treatment Services. In co-operation with a leading company in the field, Pomegranate Wellness Spa provides services focusing in the prevention and treatment of hair loss, using natural products as well as specialized equipment. For further information, please contact the Spa reception.

  • Shampoo, conditioner and massage
  • Scalp exfoliation
  • Styling
  • Woman's haircut (with shampoo)
  • Woman's haircut with treatment (with shampoo)
  • Men's haircut (with shampoo)
  • Children's haircut
  • Hairstyle (with shampoo)
  • Evening hairstyle
  • Bridal hairstyle (with a trial hairstyle)
  • Colouring
  • Highlights
  • Discolouring with bleach
  • Reflet
  • Pro-keratin treatment (ion hood)
  • Wellness treatment (ion hood)
  • Luxury hair treatment (exfoliation, massage, therapy, ion hood)
  • Luxury hair treatment for men (exfoliation, massage, therapy)
  • Men's shave with shaver
  • Accessories for hair

Spa Treatments
A collection of facial & body massages, ideal for people experiencing high levels of stress and accumulated exhaustion
Spa Treatments